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 This page lists just the films that were shortlisted, nominated or won awards.
Return From ISIS: A Family's Story
BBC1/Mongoose Pictures
The story of an American family who went to Raqqa to join Isis - and what happened to them.   Produced and Directed
 by Joshua Baker
'A powerful film about one family's traumatic odyssey' - The Telegraph
'This remarkable doc' - The Guardian
Nominated 2021 Grierson Awards    
Contagion! The BBC4 Pandemic   BBC4/360 Production
75 min doc on the biggest citizen science experiment of its kind. Thousands of people download the BBC Pandemic app and help limit the next Spanish Flu like outbreak.   Executive Producer
 Danielle Peck
'A cheery piece of Reithian edutainment and a grave portent of our impending doom' - The Guardian
Shortlisted 2018 Broadcast Digital Awards    

Escape from Colditz
Feature length doc recreating the most famous, planned WW2 prison break - flying a glider off the roof of Colditz Castle   Filmed, Produced and Directed by Tom Cook
Shortlisted 2013 Grierson Awards    

Wonderland - High Society Brides
BBC2/Keo Films
What happened to five 'girls in pearls' who appeared on the frontispiece page of Country Life magazine during the last fifty years.   Directed by
 Hannah Berryman
"This beautifully crafted documentary" TV Times
"Unexpectedly touching, thoroughly engaging" Radio Times
Nominated Most Entertaining Documentary 2011 Grierson Awards    
Ration Book Britain
UKTV/Optomen Television
Valentine Warner, Andrew Castle and Jodie Kidd explore what it meant to live through the rationing years in Britain,   Produced and Directed by Diene Petterle and David Robertson
4 x 44 min films edited, graded and on-lined by me in just 3 weeks for each film.    
Shortlisted 2011 Broadcast Digital Awards    

The Posters Came From The Walls
Brown Owl Films/Mute Records
The fans of Depeche Mode filmed by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller   Directed by Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams
Selected for 2008 London Film Festival    
"The most fun film of the Festival" The Observer
"Hilarious, brilliantly edited and politically fascinating" Dazed and Confused

Kevin McCloud and The Big Town Plan
C4/Talkbalk Thames
Filmed over five years, can good design rescue the failing town of Castleford in Yorkshire? I worked with Robert Thirkell across the series. 4 x50 mins. 1 of 3 editors   Produced and Directed by Hugo Smith
Nominated 2008 RTS Awards    

Nuremberg - Goering's Last Stand
Two hour drama doc about Goering's rise to power and downfall at the Nuremberg Trials   Written, Produced and Directed by Peter Nicholson
"Superbly made, thought-provoking and gripping" The Observer    
2007 BAFTA Specialist Factual Award Winner
Nominated 2007 Banff World Television Awards

Extraordinary People - The Boy With A New Head
C5/At It Productions
Following 13 year old Petero from rural Uganda to Dallas for dramatic surgery   Filmed and Directed
 by Alex Berk
Shortlisted 2007 Grierson Awards    

Hannah Glasse - The First Domestic Goddess
BBC4/Optomen Television
Clarissa Dickson-Wright presents a drama documentary about the Georgian author   Directed by
 Diene Petterle
Nominated 2007 Glenfiddich Award    

Who Got Diana Dors' Millions?
A code cracking thriller biography.

"The tense atmosphere of a sleuth movie" Evening Standard
  Directed by
 Isabel Tang
2004 RTS Award (North West) Best Factual Entertainment Programme    

The Real John Curry
Bio of the Olympic ice skater and Britain's first openly gay sportsman.

"Beautifully edited" - Head of Documentaries.
  Directed by
Ralph Lee
2003 RTS Award Best Sports Documentary
2003 RTS Award (North West) Best Sports Programme

2 of 3 films about fifteen year olds in south London.

Oliver Morse, Daisy Asquith, Nichola Koratjitis and Laurence Williamson by C4 poster.
  Directed by
Daisy Asquith
2000 RTS Award Best Documentary Series
2000 BAFTA Nominated Best Documentary Series

The Decision
2 of 3 films about children and social services.

"A stunning document of our times" Evening Standard
  Filmed and Directed by Daisy Asquith and Nichola Koratjitis.
Executive Producer: Oliver Morse
1999 RTS Award Best Documentary Series    

8 films in 5 series of top industrialist Sir John Harvey Jones sorting out ailing companies, including Morgan Cars.   Producers:
Anne Laking, Michael Mosley, Judi Rose, Robert Thirkell
1991 BAFTA Award winning series    

The Heart of The Dragon
C4/ASH Films
4 of 12 films about life in China.

  Produced by
Mischa Scorer and Peter Montagnon
1984 Emmy Award winning series    

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