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  Editing credits continue:

Who Got Diana Dors' Millions?
A code cracking thriller biography.

"The tense atmosphere of a sleuth movie" Evening Standard
  Directed by
 Isabel Tang
2004 RTS Award (North West) Best Factual Entertainment Programme    

The Stirling Prize 2007
C4/Talkback Thames
Kevin McCloud tours Europe looking at the buildings shortlisted for the big prize in architecture   Directed by
 Ned Williams

The British Middle Class
C4/Blakeway Productions
Tristram Hunt explores the origins of middle class values.   Directed by
 Peter Nicholson

The Baby Race - Who's The Father?
C4/Hart Ryan Productions
1 of 3 ob docs following would be mums without men.   Directed by
 Diana Hill

The Real John Curry
Bio of the Olympic ice skater and Britain's first openly gay sportsman.

"Beautifully edited" - Head of Documentaries.
  Directed by
Ralph Lee
2003 RTS Award Best Sports Documentary
2003 RTS Award (North West) Best Sports Programme

Brit School
BBC/Touch Productions
6 of 10 films following the lives of children at the performing arts school.   Produced by
 Ken McGill

2 of 3 films about fifteen year olds in south London.

Oliver Morse, Daisy Asquith, Nichola Koratjitis and Laurence Williamson by C4 poster.
  Directed by
Daisy Asquith
2000 RTS Award Best Documentary Series
2000 BAFTA Nominated Best Documentary Series

Diary of A Teenage Nudist

Exploring the funny but murky world of nudism.

"Thought provoking" - The Times
  Filmed and Directed by Alex Berk

New Servants
BBC2/Talkback Thames
1 of 3 films about new servants and services for people with more money than time.   Filmed and Directed by Hannah Berryman

Cutting Edge - Sleeping with The Au Pair
C4/Twenty Twenty
The damage caused by falling for the au pair.   Filmed and Directed by Hannah Berryman

The World's Worst Century - The Black Death
"A gripping horror documentary" - Daily Express   Directed by
Peter Nicholson

Ruby Does The Business
BBC3/Princess Productions
Ruby Wax on how to make a quick million bucks in the Chrysalis music empire.   Directed by
 Michael Jochnowitz

The Decision
2 of 3 films about children and social services.

"A stunning document of our times" Evening Standard
  Filmed and Directed by Daisy Asquith and Nichola Koratjitis.
Executive Producer: Oliver Morse
1999 RTS Award Best Documentary Series    

Who Rules The Roost?
BBC3/Ricochet Digital
1 of 8 in series about working parents trying full time childcare. Shown as first episode in BBC2 re-run.   Directed by
Francine Shaw

Living The Dream - Cabbies on Safari
From zebra crossings to zebras crossing.   Produced by
 Nicola Gibson

The Diagnosis
Co- editor with Simon Rose of three films following junior doctors under pressure in A+E   Produced by Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones and Emma Bowman

I'll Show Them Who's Boss
First film in new series with top boss Gerry Robinson. Gained 22 'pick of the days'

"Great television" - The Times
  Directed by
James Van der pool

The Real Tony Blackburn
Bio of Britain's first superstar DJ's decline and revival   Directed by
Sue Bourne

The Heart of The Dragon
C4/ASH Films
4 of 12 films about life in China.

  Produced by
Mischa Scorer and Peter Montagnon
1984 Emmy Award winning series    

Inside Clouds - A Drink and Drugs Clinic
2 of 4 sixty minute films following patients through rehab.   Produced by Kevin Jarvis and Gabe Solomon

Coast of Dreams - Paradise in the Sun
C4/Touch Productions
This was  the first film to look at ex-pats abroad on the Costa del Sol. It had the largest ever audience for a C4 documentary when shown.   Directed by
Malcolm Brinkworth

Modern Times - Amsterdamage
English drug mules retired to Amsterdam, including a mother who smuggled drugs to fund her son's education.   Produced by
Alistair Cook and Rob Davies
Trouble at the Top   BBC 2
13 films in 8 series of actuality lead films inside businesses with problems.

"Coherent and pacy presentation, one of the most consistently absorbing programmes airing" Evening Standard.

To Russia with Vogue " A fantastic documentary" The Times
  Produced by
Daniel Barry,
 Clare Duggan, Robi Dutta,
 Mary FitzPatrick,
 Bill Grist,
 Emma Jones, Michele Kurland, Anne Laking,
 Colm Martin, Ashok Prasad

Back to the Floor - Dating Agency
Top boss of Britain's biggest dating agency takes up telephone selling and matchmaking   Produced by
James Van der pool

Equinox - Near Miss
New York air traffic controllers under stress

"Brilliant - compelling and insightful" C4 Commissioning Editor
  Produced by
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones and Emma Bowman

Perfect Breasts
Should teenagers have breast implants? An issue raised by the film that generated front page headlines.

"Documentary making at its best" C4 Director of Programmes
Directed by
Sue Bourne

Island of Dreams

C4/Touch Productions
3 films about real 'Shirley Valentines' and how happy ever after life really was.

"Should be obligatory viewing on all charter flights to Greece" The Independent
  Directed by
Malcolm Brinkworth

8 films in 5 series of top industrialist Sir John Harvey Jones sorting out ailing companies, including Morgan Cars.   Producers:
Anne Laking, Michael Mosley, Judi Rose, Robert Thirkell
1991 BAFTA Award winning series    

QED - Simon's Return
BBC 1/Touch Productions
Simon Weston returns to The Falklands and meets the Argentinean pilot who bombed the Sir Galahad troop ship.   Directed by
Malcolm Brinkworth

4 of 6 films about life on Navy submarines. Achieved audiences of 7 million against Coronation Street.

"As tense and gripping as many a fictional drama" Daily Mirror
  Produced by
Jonathan Crane

Secret Lives of The Pharaohs
1 of 3 films exploring new evidence about sex and drugs in ancient Egypt   Produced by
Dev Varma and Richard Reisz

Cutting Edge - Home Fires
C4/Touch Productions
How the Gulf War affected army wives and mothers.   Directed by
Malcolm Brinkworth

QED - A Song for Annie
BBC1/Touch Productions
A single mother facing up to death from cancer   Directed by
Sue Bourne

Pioneers - My Special Children
1 of 6 in series about the NHS   Produced by
Robin Brightwell
Billion Dollar Day
Commercial Breaks
2 films in series.

 'Billion Dollar Day' following three currency dealers around the world on a single day and 'Going Bananas' about - bananas.
  Produced by
Robert Thirkell and Sophie Robinson
Bullying   BBC2/Windfall
A pupil lead solution to bullying at school. Shot on Hi8   Produced by
 Oliver Morse and Mandy Chang

The Planets
C4/Moving Picture Company
3 of 7 films making astronomy popular presented by Heather Couper   Produced by
Paul Fisher

The Stars
C4/Moving Picture Company
3 of 6 films presented by Heather Couper   Produced by
Stuart Carter

Short Stories - Crash Course

C4/Touch Productions
A light look at learner drivers on an intensive driving course

"This wonderful documentary" The Observer
"Bounces along with delightful comic zest" Daily Mail
Directed by
Madeleine Hall

Watching The Detectives
  C4/Touch Productions
3 of 5 films about the real lives of private eyes in the UK and the USA   Produced by
Malcolm Brinkworth

Champions - Fit To Ride
C4/Mann Made
Doc following jump jockeys in The Grand National   Produced by
Kevin Mann

Champions - Speedway Stars
C4/Small Back Room
The dangers of the sport with one foot in the grit and the other in the past   Produced by
 Debbie Shuter and Adam Tysoe

Horizon - The Long Road to The West
The effects on science of German unification   Produced by
Viv King

The Beer Hunter
5 of 6 films about great beers of the world presented by writer Michael Jackson   Produced by
 Bob Bee and John Carlaw

5 of 12 fifty minute ethnographic docs   Produced by
Simon Normanton and Gerry Troyna

Ever Thought of Sport?
C4/Team Two
6 films shown on C4 and also BBC 1   Produced by
Richard Collins
I have also edited other broadcast docs, corporates, music videos, news, a commercial and even a cinema newsreel!

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